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December 18, 2015

Video: Large Batch Soapmaking Equipment: Molds and Cutter

Two years ago I invested in soap making equipment for large scale production of cold process soap. The cost was over $10,000. The investment is well worth it if you are looking to grow your soap business. My company already owned a water-jacketed soap melter, plenty of stainless steel tables, bakers racks and utility shelving. But what we needed was a system to produce thousands of bars of soap per week with ease.

Equipment for increase production can be costly. Factors to consider when contemplating a purchase in equipment include:

  • How is this a wise investment for your company? (In other words, prove it to yourself.)
  • Do you plan to grow this segment of your business for at least 5 or more years? 
  • Will the equipment retain its value for resale?
  • At what capacity will your equipment investment allow your production to grow? Then what
  • As your production grows, can you add on to the equipment or will you have to purchase a completely new system?
  • Is there considerable growth from your current production volume and that in which you estimate your equipment will provide? How long will you start to see return on investment (ROI)?
  • How will you finance your equipment?
  • Can you grow areas of your business to help pay for the equipment (such as adding or increasing wholesale capabilities, private label, etc.)?
In the following video I'll show you the large mold (pictured below) and electric cutter. The cutter hoists the soap mold onto the platform. From there the mold block is secured and the soap is released from the mold by removing all four sides. The large soap block is then positioned under the wire cutters and the soap is cut into loaves. The loaves are then cut into bars.

Have you ever seen soap making equipment in action? Do you have plans to grow your business? What questions about large-scale production do you have?

Thanks for watching!


BoardroomStyleWatcher said...

Hi, I know this post is from some time ago. But are you able to keep some design element in your thick moulds? If so which and how?

backporchsoap said...

Hi BoardroomStyleWatcher! Sorry this is a delayed response to your question. I'm not sure how I missed it. Great question! Yes you can keep swirl elements in the larger molds by dividing and pouring the same as you would for a small batch. That being said, it is MUCH easier to stay simple with the bars and just add one color and dry additives/exfoliants.

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