Marla Bosworth is the founder and owner of Back Porch Soap Company. She is a modern alchemist, shamanic practitioner and soul destiny coach. She travels worldwide, teaching conscious beauty experiential workshops that combine making soap and herbal skincare with alchemy and energetics.

About Marla

Hi, my name is Marla Bosworth. I founded Back Porch Soap Company in 1998. I am a organic cosmetic skincare formulator, soapmaker and natural perfumer. I love creating good-for-your-skin products and teaching others how to make their own natural skincare products - for fun or as a business. You can find me teaching organic beauty formulation workshops in Boulder, Colorado, New York City, Boston and online. I am an herbalist, aromatherapist and energy healer.

 My workshops are often nature and spiritual energy-inspired workshop where students learn ways to use wildcrafted botanicals and healing modalities.

When you think of your favorite place in nature, whether it's a city park or your backyard, there is an energy we can capture and put into soaps - and other products for that matter. We create "blueprints" of that feeling and infuse it with our energy and botanicals (and more) from that area to capture that feeling for ourself (a reminder as we use the product later) or share with others (as gifts or in a product line). This is much deeper and sacred than just calling our soaps "infused" or "infused with energy."

I share what I have been doing for a lifetime as an alchemist. It began when I was a child in central Illinois and would create infusions with botanicals found walking in the woods, forgaging in fields or in my parents' garden. Later in life when I created my botanical beauty company I began creating soaps in Massachusetts and captured the energy of the Atlantic ocean and Cape Cod in her bodycare line. Then I moved onto Jackson Hole, Wyoming where I worked with the energy of wild animals, the Rocky Mountains and the plethora of botanicals growing in the valley.

Customers would come into my store and tell me how our products envoked memories of hiking on trails in Yellowstone or Grand Teton National Park. They would hold the soap - some knowing and others not - that the vibrational frequency in the soap brought memories and oftentimes emotional healing.

This is what makes my soul come alive. 


I look forward to connecting with you,

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