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August 09, 2019

Intuitive Essential Oil Blending, A Fragrant Hands-on Workshop Experience

When I launched my skincare business in 1998 I didn't have the slightest idea of how to blend essential oils. I made and sold soaps and skincare products with single notes of lavender, lemongrass, tea tree, peppermint and so on. At the time I didn't have any competition, as there were maybe a handful of us making and selling bath and body products in Massachusetts. However, as the years progressed and more entrepreneurs began launching bath and body businesses around me, I realized I needed to implement multiple changes to stay relevant. One change I made was teaching myself the art of essential oil blending. This process has been on-going for 22 years!

Scent is an art form. It is an expression of one’s soul. There is no one way to blend essential oils. It is an intuitive or fluid process of following your inner guidance. An alchemist is literally “one who blends.” So when I create a blend I take a moment to think about what I am about to create. Is it an essence for inspiration itself? Is it a fragrance for a family member? Or perhaps it is a blend to evoke a memory.

When we blend with intention we encode lasting energetics through the alchemical process. Awakening and intuitive people will recognize this right away, either by seeing sacred geometry or feeling the energy, while others will notice it is "different" and may be drawn to the blend unknowingly. I observed this happening day after day in my retail store in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Some customers would feel the intentional energetics of what I created in my soaps and cosmetics by feeling a sense of connection and voluntarily chose to mention to me or my employees what memories the scent evoked (which would match entirely to the energetics for which it was created). 

What I've discovered about creating essential oil blends with my students is that when they blend intuitively they create Incredible blends that draw in energetics of places, memories and feelings.  While I'll write more about the intuitive flow of essential oil blending soon, I'm excited to share with you right now another in-person workshop I'm teaching in New York City this month. I've created a class that I so wish I had when I started my business 22 years ago. It is designed for essential oil enthusiasts, alchemists, soapmakers and indie beauty entrepreneurs.

Learn to intuitively blend without any rules, only following your inner guidance and your nose. You'll also explore creating intention blends, encoding memories of feelings, places or people. 

Students in Mastering the Art of Essential Oil Blending, July 2019

In last month's Mastering the Art of Essential Oil Blending workshop on the Upper West Side of New York City (pictured above), students chose to commemorate loved ones, replicate the feeling of favorite places in nature (forests, mountains and other sacred places), and other inspirational blends such as evoking joy, calmness and creativity in others. There were 26 custom blends in all, created with personal intentions and energies. Some students were drawn to inner wisdom and guidance blends. Two students created divine goddess blends. All are uniquely encoded with their own energetic frequencies. Why and what you blend in this class is completely up to you!

This is a hands-on class. Students will blend and experiment with essential oils to create two signature essential oil blends. In total you will take home two unique custom blends. This class is intended for any essential oil enthusiasts. No prior experience is needed.

One-one-one sessions are also available in New York City and online to create your own essential oil blend. If you have a group who would like to experience intuitive blending or if you are planning a corporate event please learn more about our special events here. This aromatic, hands-on experience is perfect for team building activities for small companies, private and corporate groups.

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