Marla Bosworth is the founder and owner of Back Porch Soap Company. She teaches classes, corporate events and experiences including candle making, soap making, organic skincare and perfumery.

May 29, 2018

The Unconscious Use of "Alchemy" and How to Shift into Alignment

✨Understanding Divine Alchemy✨

Part of my destiny (which is much deeper than “life purpose, by the way)  is working in and sharing the depth of wisdom of the alchemical process. I see a lot of people using the word “alchemy” but not embodying the energetics of it themselves or in their work.

There are initiations into sacred alchemy. Those who are in alignment with it and creating New Earth will recognize what I am explaining. Those who are not will either feel triggered or jolted by this thought. For the latter, it means going much deeper within your work.

We are seeing an overuse of the word “alchemy.” Since we’ve arrived in a dimension where we are telepathically connected there’s no faking it anymore. Words can’t be used like bandaids to cover up what you don’t know. It’s humbling, but it also requires us to understand that Light shines our own Truth.

Seek to understand. Ask to be shown. Readily admit what you do not know. This is when you begin to step into your divine power and your own personal destiny.
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