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October 27, 2008

Organic Bodycare Gift Sets Ready to Ship!

I love the holidays - especially the planning and anticipation. Over the years I've found that the more prepared I am with gift-giving, the more I am able to relax a bit more and enjoy celebrating the season.

If you love organic bodycare, you'll love the holiday gift sets I created! If there's a time to give the gift of pampering, this is the year. There is something about burrowing down in one’s home that is so enticing - especially with handmade and certified organic products! They're up on the website and ready to ship. Remember those special Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn birthdays over the next two months, too!

I must digress for a moment...I'm a Capricorn. December 28 to be exact. To not upset us Caps, remember to use non-holiday gift wrap.
Seriously (smile). The same is true for my Sagittarius friends. And Scorpios? Don't combine their gifts with Thanksgiving drumsticks.

Without further delay, here are some incredibly, fabulous, organic gifts!

Organic Bodycare Gift Set ($34) is a beautiful way to give the gift of organic body luxury! This is a gift of pampering - great for women or men! Our soap is long-lasting, moisturizing and soothing. The Caribbean sea salts (enough for two tub soaks) will relax even your most stress-out friend. Our 100% shea butter is a luxurious treat for the skin, offering both moisture and protection during the long winter months.
This elegantly packaged set includes a 5 oz. organic soap, a 4. oz. matching Caribbean salt soak and a 4 oz. 100% organic shea butter.

Coconut Soap Dish Gift Set ($12) includes one of our mild and long-lasting organic soaps wrapped up beautifully with a natural coconut shell soap dish - a natural, sustainable, packaging solution that supports small businesses in Thailand. These are great as hostess or teacher's gifts, and convenient to have on hand when someone unexpected comes to visit.
Our organic soaps are made of 100% certified organic palm and coconut oils, purified water, glycerin, sorbitol, and essential oils. They may contain natural, ground herbs or oxides for natural color.

Sisal Gift Set with Two Organic Soaps ($16) Shown here in our popular Provence Lavender and Almond & Shea Butter. Packaged in a sisal gift tote - another one of our natural, sustainable, packaging solutions that supports small businesses in Thailand. A wonderful and easy-to-mail gift for relatives and friends across the country or to have on hand for hostess gifts.

All gifts are available with the following essential oils:
Almond - protects the skin, softens and soothes
Eucalyptus - rejuvenates, invigorates and uplifts
Lavender Spearmint - a new twist on lavender, beautifully blended
Patchouli - beneficial for dry skin
Provence Lavender - relaxes and calms
Rosemary - uplifts, balances, promotes mental activity
Tea Tree - for problem skin (acne, oily, skin irritations)
Unscented - for those with extra sensitive skin

My recommendation? Shop early, give the gift of organic, and be good to yourself too. Enjoy!
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